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Legal Advice Office "ARGUS"
Legal Advice Office "ARGUS"
The Saint-Petersburg Bar
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Legal Advice Office "ARGUS"

Legal Advice Office "ARGUS" is established in 1999.

Our Advice Office and our lawyers are members of The Saint-Petersburg Bar, members of The Saint-Petersburg Chamber of Lawyers, members of The Federal Chamber of Lawyers of the Russian Federation.

Each lawyer is a specialist in its own sphere. It is necessary to provide a complex decisions for the clients, this is why we have specialist in different fields of legislation.

Considering complex of the nature of Russian legislation, role of the lawyer becomes more and more important, enabling to them to be an official representative of a client in the court, arbitration, government, etc.

The legislation base is too big and difficult, so it is becomes natural to use a specialist to solve legal questions. Lawyer is a such specialist, and it has legal guaranties — lawyer privacy (secrecy), the right to make an inquiry, lawyer status, specific lawyer education, etc. Under the circumstances hiring a lawyer is a decision of the persons, who wish to obtain qualified service.

The lawyers always enlarge their education level, theoretical and practical skills, taking part in scientific and practical conferences, meetings.

Legal services can be offered both in Russian and English language. Also we can attract our partners — translators for German and French language.

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