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Offshore Companies

Our Legal Advice Office can offer you to start a business with international and offshore companies. We can help you to register, maintain and close the international or offshore companies.

These companies can be registered in offshore jurisdictions, — f.e. in Seyshelles, BVI, etc, and in law tax jurisdiction, f.e. Cyprus, UK, etc.

Such companies can be effectively used in order to optimize tax planning, optimization of management, to transfer a heritage, and to reach other lawful aims.

We will provide for you all documents for legal using of companies — such as Articles of Association, Memorandum, address, nominees directors. Also we will help you to register bank account, to issue a Power of Attorney, to perfume payments.

Our lawyers have good business contacts with international legal companies, lawyers and auditors in foreign countries and these contact help us to offer an effective protection for our clients in international dealings with foreign persons.

We can form and register a foreign company fit to your needs. We can offer you a jurisdiction, that will be most appropriate to your requirements, will provide for you schemes for using a company, will accompany the deals, etc.

During you operate with the company we will be your representatives and will control your dealings and operations, reporting and finances, etc.

If you decide to close a company we will proceed with foreign authorities all required acts and proceedings to exclude the company from the Register or will provide another way to stop operations of the companies.

The main countries to register companies:

  • Cyprus;
  • Panama;
  • BVI;
  • Seyshelles;

To obtain a more detailed information — please send us a letter, or call us.

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