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Permanent Legal Service

Such a form of payment is usually used when legal aid is granting to legal or private persons on a constant basis. Thus the spectrum of a legal aid is wide enough, since the Lawyer acts both as the adviser and as the authorized representative of the Client in commercial and other lawful activity. The lawyer renders a legal aid as consultations, giving of conclusions, participations in negotiations, obtaining of proofs, preparation and the analysis of contracts and legal documents, including statements of claim, complaints, claims, petitions, applications, statements, etc. The Client has an opportunity of a choice of a way of issue of tasks to the lawyer — by means of e-mail, telecommunication, at office of the Lawyer, at own office of the Client.

Permanent (User's) service is preferred, as a rule, by those from our Clients who is interested in the complex solvation of arising problems. Presence of own legal department is not an obstacle for use of a legal aid of the Lawyer, however division of duties of a legal department and the Lawyer in this case is established.

Price — from 10000 RUR per month

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